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What Makes Knowledge Centric People Successful Also Withholds Their Business Leadership.
Nick Vaidya
Technical CEO's Growth Advisor

Helping Knowledge Leaders Create High Growth Business Cultures

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Nick Vaidya is the Editor-in-Chief of The CEO magazine. Prior to becoming a serial entrepreneur, Nick managed a Multi-Billion Dollar product line profitability, was on the Chairman’s Strategy Team at a Dell, an Executive Officer at Adv Agency Razorfish, and started his career at OC&C, a global Strategy Consultancy. Nick's approach is influenced by his Master's in Marketing Science plus Ph.D. work in Psychological & Anthropological Research Methods, eclectic life experiences, breadth of business roles, and his in-depth study of the ancient wisdom of the Vedanta.
Nick is a single father to three adorable girls, a Certified Skydiver, a Master Scuba Diver, an Aviator, a Yoga Instructor, and leads a Harley Riding Group in Austin

"You Can Buy Strategy But Not Culture"

The CEO IM Program
For High Growth Business

The DNA of Transformation lies in the culture of the firm and is driven by the leader of the organization. The leaders energy can permeate into the organization and take it into another trajectory. But it is not easy. There are a lot of moving parts and all of them need to work in unison. Any lack of clarity on part of the leader reflects in the performance of the firm or business. 

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"Clarity Is The Engine That Powers Culture"

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Jan 26, 2016

"Your Words Reflect Your Clairty Of Thought"

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"You Are The Cradle Of Culture"