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Growth & Stability

What makes navy seals successful as individuals and as teams - selection, training, team spirit, and culture of extraordinary. What if there were seal teams for CEOs !! The CEO Express follows the same principles for the CEO teams.

5 CEOs to a team  ||  4 Teams in an Express  ||  10 Expresses With differnt agendas  ||  Scores of Supporting Leaders

1 Million    ||    5 Million    ||    25 Million    ||    100 Million
This is an exclusive program for building dedicated team of 20 CEOs ONLY who will achieve significant results. We are very selective and conscientious about whom we work with to protect each CEO's interest. If you would like to be considered contact [email protected]

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Makings Of Inc 500


  • It is not a retreat like others
  • It is not a workshop like others
  • It is not a CEO social group like others
  • It is not a coaching program like others
  • It is not a master mind group like others
  • ​It is not a sales training program like others
  • It is not a strategy consulting like others
It is all of that and much more

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There is a reason why 80% of successful firms are started or run by the same 20% of all CEOs - the serially successful ones. They do something different and do it differently. You want to work the magic sauce then hop-on to The CEO Express and be in the company of the best.

A Programatic Approach To Achieving Goals With Nick
Your Team Coaches, Advisors, and Mentors Will include
  • Many F500 CEOs
  • Many Inc500 CEOs
  • Many Thinker50 Leaders
And Many Others

We all want growth and stability. It is elusive though. Often it is ephemeral. But it is possible to manage. Some of us do it well and others don't. Yet, some of us do it well only some of the times. Here is a journey that will transform you life, work, and firm. But it is not for everybody. What you do and say will effect others and we are very particular about the success of each one of our members on the team. It is not a social group. Yet we are not going to leave a member behind. So we are selective because we care.
You will have the support of F500 and Inc500 CEOs, top thought leaders, best executive coaches, and the benefit of a program leader whose purpose will be to make you succeed.
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Nick Vaidya

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Nick Vaidya
A Divergent Mind That Has Awesome Sauce
Known as The BlindSpotter, Nick Vaidya is the Editor-In-Chief of The CEO Magazine and the Director of The CEO Leadership Institute. Prior to becoming a serial entrepreneur he managed a multibillion dollar product line profitability and was on the Chairman’s Strategy Team at a Fortune 50 company. His advice on improving stability and growth is much sought after by C- Level executives. Nick's approach is influenced by his doctoral work in empiricism, eclectic life experiences, breadth of career paths, including sales, marketing, academia, etc., and his in depth study of the ancient wisdom of the Vedanta - the 7 thousand year old Indian texts that offer a grand theory for successful living. 
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Culture whether organizational or internal to a person, is the core, that is responsible for all actions and inactions of human being. That is why behavior change is not easy. Yet it is necessary to do so if we want to achieve outcomes that we currently do not have.
This upcoming Wiley book is touching one of the most talked about topic amongst the business leaders of today. It is destined to become a best seller. Sign up below to learn more how you can change.

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Jan 4th, 2016


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